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“Organizing together we are strong”   "òganize ansanm nou fò"  "organizando SomoFuertes"

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The Cultural Center is the gateway for successful organizing and mobilization in nonpartisan voter education, civic education, and many issues that have plagued the advancement for success. 

Established in 2009 as a New York Not for Profit Corporation, we intend to empower communities through direct actions and grassroots organizing. Following our inception, the corporation remained dormant for several years before reenergizing in 2018. With a renewed focus on program implementation and recognition of exemption under IRC 501(c)(3),

With the help of many partners, we are building a coalition that brings to light many issues we all face in our communities.


The Cultural Center, with its vast Haitian base, targets specific issues rarely discussed.  Due to recent changes in immigration laws and other local problems, we are organizing more than ever with the larger immigrant population on Long Island. We are having more conversations and workshops to educate and mobilize for a better future for all our children, particularly in all the immigrant communities.

We believe deeply in the diversity of our collective cultural exchange for a strong community.


In The

 2018 Person of the year
2020 Cesus, we deserve to be counted
Traffic safety, We did it!
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