Environment and Water quality

We continually work towards making our earth better. With statewide campaigns and partners, we fight to change and pass good policies that benefits our communities and make sure corporate polluters are held accountable when they destroy our waterways, air and communities.


To educate our children we need to make sure the right investments are appropriately distributed. Schools needs to be equally funded and have the resources to give children the opportunity to succeed in their educational path.

Traffic Safety

Everyone deserves safe streets to walk and drive. We continue to work towards laws and fighting for resources that will make our walkable areas safe. We wok towards safe streets for children walking to school and from school.


The lack of housing has pushed many homeowners as well as renters to become homeless. We work towards fair housing rights and laws for tenants. Making sure that shelters comply with existing laws and fight for better rights for those in the shelters until they find their forever home. We assist homeowners in jeopardy of losing their home by working directly with the banks through coalition partners. First-time homebuyers assistance through workshops that allows new homeowners to make better choices to become successful at homeownership.


Electoral education

The electoral education process is key to helping our members understand the importance of voting. We continue to work towards fair voting and election practices in civic engagements.


We are convening with experts to speak and assist in navigating through many complex immigration issues. We use direct and grass root organizing for fair and humane immigrant rights.

CCPA Senate hering on LI

Coalitions, organizations and  government working and learning together for better communities

Food insecurities 

Connecting those who need help during hard times. Through many partners and building a coalition of pantries, we are able to fill the gap of food insecurity.